Sample Image  valle del Platani-Elena La Spina

The Cianciana territory offers hospitality to the Platani River, known in the past as Halykos because of its salty waters. The river represents the southern border of the city territory. In remote times, the ancient populations used to navigate it upstream in their boats, to fill them with salt and food.

The banks of the Platani River host a peculiar type of spontaneous medicinal and edible plants, known in the past by shepherds and peasants who used to make an extensive use of it.

Along the river course, it is possible to meet various species of nesting birds such as the grey wagtail, the moorhen, and the woodcock. As of  1984, the Platani River mouth, which we recommend visiting, is an Oriented Natural Reserve under the care of the City of Cattolica Eraclea.