Sample Image  Necropoli Millaga-Alessandro Croce

Next to Cianciana, in the southern part of the Bivona territory, we find the Contrada Millaga, a former feud, whose name seems to derive from the Arabic millaca (ملاﺣـة‎, mallāḥa), “salty spring”.


Necropoli Millaga-Alessandro Croce

The name, related to salt, probably refers to the fact that the residents, thanks to the vicinity of the Chincana salt pan (on the other side of the Intronata Creek) traded salt with the merchants that, from the coast, navigated the Halykos River (Platani) upstream.

It is possible that, in the past, the area was used also as a quarry to get construction blocks, as shown by some digging in big stone blocks.

In Contrada Millaga, there are also the remains of a necropolis whose tombs are dug in the limestone and covered with slabs of the same material.

The necropolis could date back to the Roman age, thanks to the finding of a piece of amphora of the Imperial epoch.