Sample Image  Demanio Monte Cavallo- foto Esplorasicilia

The forest, planted in the ’60s, has significantly extended in the last decades, until covering the current surface of approximately 800 hectares, and has three entrances: from the crushing plant; from the “li panni” bridge; and from the “acqua amara”.

 Demanio Monte Cavallo- foto Esplorasicilia


The forest flora are mostly characterised by eucalyptus trees, pine trees, carob trees, poplars, cypresses and pygmy palm trees. The undergrowth, instead, is characterised by a certain variety of medicinal plants and aromatic herbs, wild fennel and asparagus.

To make the forest atmosphere fantastic, there are the suggestive tracks that cross water ponds, cliffs, grottos and ancient dwellings. Among the attractions of Monte Cavallo with an archaeological and natural interest, we mention the Cavallo , the Sindaco , and the Zubbio grottos, and the so-called “Grotta della Ghiaccera” where the temperature decreases sharply.

The grottos are rich with tunnels that extend even for hundreds of metres, and in winter, create underground water courses. Among the rarities rich with mystery, speleologists found in the Sindaco grotto an hourglass-shaped pond, with crystal waters on which mounds of animal bones were floating.

Following a recent immersion in the pond, after swimming in an underwater tunnel of about six metres, the divers have found an unexplored underwater grotto of rare beauty.

Next to Monte “Picciunaru”, in the Cavallo forest, the visitors can relax in a resting area equipped with stone tables, kitchen and rest rooms.