Maccalube di Bissana- Piero Frisco Sample Image  

Driving for about 6 km along the provincial road that, from Cattolica Eraclea leads to Cianciana, we reach, after a crossroad, Contrada  Bissana, where we can enjoy the original show of the Maccalube.


Maccalube di Bissana- Piero Frisco

 The name Maccalube probably derives from the Arabic word maqlub, which means “overturned”. Indeed, the methane gas released from this overturned land, being easily flammable, forms suggestive tongues of fire. There are two Maccalube, called the Big Abyss and the Small Abyss. If, today, the gas release is hardly significant, in the past, as reported by the historian Tommaso Fazello, the phenomenon was amazing, characterised by very tall water jets.